Thrust boring equipment and Pipe bursting machines

Directional drilling rigs and Pipe bursting machines - economical, powerful, reliable, world wide delivery!

You can buy more expensive equipment, but not the fact it will be effective, like ours.

As you know, the laying of modern engineering communications, such as: power electric cables, communication and Internet access cables, pipelines for supplying water, gas, heating, sewer pipes, etc., can be performed out by two way - in a trench way and trenchless way. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and probably each specific project requires the search for the optimal solution.

If today you need to buy Directional drilling rigsPipe bursting machines or Directional thrust boring equipment for trenchless laying of communications, pay attention to the solutions that we can offer you. We can offer all needed equipment for small city jobs and large municipal projects.

Advantages of our directional drilling rigs and thrust boring machines:

  • All our hydraulic power units based on the original Honda engines, this is a proven reliable engine with very long service life over the years, quality and performance Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps are of European made, all hydraulic cylinders made according to European standards, we use only high-quality steel for structures, we use the better European welding equipment. All equipment, without exception, undergoes rigorous checks before shipment. On their own training ground in real conditions are tested every new machine or every design decision.
  • All of the above guarantees the manufacturability and reliability of our equipment, our main customers are water utilities and municipal services of the Russian Federation, our equipment is also exported to Europe, USA, to the Baltic States and the CIS countries. All equipment made in Russia in our plant, 3 year warranty, there is no any China parts.

We can provide world wide delivery, CE certification also can be provided.